JavaSPEKTRUM Articles About Performance Analyses in Java

During the last six months, a two-part article series “Performanzanalysen in Java” (“Performance Analyses in Java”) has been published in the German Java magazine JavaSPEKTRUM.

Part 1, subtitled “Java Microbenchmarks”, appeared in issue 4/2020 and sheds light on the backgrounds and difficulties of measuring execution times of Java programs and methods. It then introduces the Java Microbenchmark Harness (JMH), which gives much more profound results while also being simple to use.

Part 2, subtitled “Praxisbeispiele” (“Practical Examples”), appeared in issue 5/2020 and applies the JMH to four selected practical examples: different ways of random number generations, string concatenations, hash code calculations, and operations as parameters. It puts common Java myths to the test by having a detailed, objective look at their execution times and explaining their background.

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