Containerization allows applications to run in isolated, independent environments that are separated from the host system infrastructure as well as from each other. In addition to the ability to start, link and stop applications quickly and easily this way, containers also form the indispensable basis for scaling large systems.

Docker is the most popular and most widely used containerization technology. The open source platform provides developers with everything they need to create, deploy, and manage containers across multiple platforms.

Containers have become practically indispensable in modern software development.


The course consists of a healthy mix of concise theory and many practical exercises. During the course, you will have access to an online Linux system as well as Docker Hub for working with private repositories.

  • Day 1
    • basics and important terms
    • creating, starting, and stopping containers
    • volumes for data storage
    • networks and communication between containers
    • custom images with Dockerfiles
  • Day 2
    • Docker Hub as an online repository
    • container setup with docker compose
    • container administration with docker
    • security in Docker containers
    • outlook on scaling with Kubernetes

Course Objectives

The course will provide you with a solid understanding of the Docker technology and allow you to create and manage Docker containers on your own, as well as use Docker securely and efficiently in the cloud. Through many hands-on exercises and case studies, you will be able to apply what you have learned directly in your business.

Target Groups

  • Developers, system administrators, DevOps engineers, and all IT professionals who need to deploy, run, and manage applications on multiple platforms. Basic Linux command line knowledge is helpful.


Christian Heitzmann is a Java-, Python- and Spring-certified software developer with a CAS in Machine Learning and owner of SimplexaCode in Lucerne. He has been developing software for over 20 years and has been teaching classes and courses for over 12 years in the areas of Java and Python programming, mathematics, and algorithms. As a technical writer, he documents software architectures for companies and regularly writes articles for IT journals.

Introduction to Containerization with Docker

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