SimplexaCode develops individual Java applications by customer request or extends your existing Java applications by new functionality. All design, implementation, and configuration steps will be designed and written down in a reproducible way. Source codes, procedures, and applications will be documented reliably, and you as a customer will get a solid introduction. SimplexaCode orients itself towards up-to-date and well-established development standards while also not building on fads or underdeveloped software versions. The focus is on clean, stable, and sustainable source codes, applications, and results.

Software development by SimplexaCode can—according to customers’ needs—contain all or just a few development phases from design up to deployment for end customers. Its technical specialization allows SimplexaCode to offer development work particularly in the following focus areas:

  • problems with a mathematical, scientific, or technical background
  • applications with a high degree of parallelism (multithreading, concurrency)
  • cryptography and security concepts (encryption, certificates)
  • functionality regarding the XML familiy or serialization
  • etc.