Certified Professional in Python Programming 1

The Python certification journey continues. For me personally, the year 2023 has started with a great success as I have passed the PCPP-32-101 examination and can call myself now Certified Professional in Python Programming 1 (PCPP1).

For the general-purpose programming track of the Python Institute Certification Roadmap, this is the second to highest certification. The final exam, PCPP2-32-2xx, is not availabe yet, but is announced to come end of 2023; realistically, it might take longer. This means that I’m now (again) holding the highest possible Python certification available at the moment.

While the first (real) certification exam, the Certified Associate in Python Programming (PCAP), covers “only” the Python language core (albeit with greatest detail), both PCPP examinations cover additional modules, besides advanced Python language concepts. For the PCPP1, topics included advanced OOP concepts, relevant Python Enhancement Proposals (PEPs), GUI programming with Tkinter, network programming (sockets, HTTP, REST, and JSON) as well as file processing (database programming, CSV, XML, logging, configurations and pickle).

You can see and verify my certificate and my Credly badge online.

Shortlink to this blog post: link.simplexacode.ch/xr9b2023.03

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